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Removal of requirement to register as sex offender in Florida

February 4, 2008

Effective July 2007, Florida Statute 943.04354 allows some people who would usually have to register as sex offender to petition the court to remove the registration requirement.


Early termination of state probation, Naples

January 24, 2008

Most people on State Probation have the opportunity to petition the court for early termination once they’ve successfully completed half the probationary period.  The judge will make sure the probationer has completed all conditions.  I’ve seen many people who get violated and put back in jail during the second half of their probationary period.  You can avoid that risk by requesting the court terminate probation as soon as you’re eligible.

Florida driver’s license suspended because of a drug conviction?

January 23, 2008

An adjudication of guilt for possession (or sale) of a drug such as cocaine or marijuana results in a 2-year drivers license suspension under Florida statute 322.055.  How do you get a driver’s license after a suspension for a drug conviction?  You have to wait six months after the conviction before you’re eligible for a restricted license.  You’ll have to apply with the Bureau of Administrative Review.  For the location of the Bureau of Administrative Review in Ft. Myers, take a look at this page on my site. 

Court order establishing Mental Health Court in Naples, Florida

January 20, 2008

Here’s a link to the court order that established Mental Health Court in Naples, (Collier County) Florida.

Mental Health Court in Naples

January 18, 2008

People accused of crimes in Naples, Florida who have a mental illness now have a new option to resolve criminal cases.  Mental Health Court is now up and running.   MHC is an alternative to jail for people who are suffering from mental illness.  I will post more information about the MHC in another blog, including the criteria for entering.

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